Designers should serve their community by producing solutions to problems.

Using fashions waste and utilising commercial off cuts, excess fabric and recovering textiles from landfills. By up-cycling and piecing together a global puzzle of growing resource consumption on a finite planet.

The current prevalence of 'fast fashion', and the commercial pressure to create quick to make, wear, and replace. This fashion system is very wasteful, and some factory conditions are unethical.

This emphasis is on low cost, rapid turn around, mass produced products and this makes for mass waste, with an estimated 15% of fabric discarded as waste in Cut Make Trim fashion systems.

A zerowaste philosophy looks towards a more holistic fashion system where consumers can have sustainable wardrobes, purchasing choices and becoming connected with our clothing again.

The zerowaste fashion system involves innovation and RISK design development. It incorporates many different ideas, styles and designs.

It means creating a collective manufacturing system, generating zerowaste patterns, understanding why we shop and how we use textiles. Teaching consumers how to make, mend, DO and tradition of craft.